Houston ISD School Board Runoff Election

Three seats for the Houston ISD Board of Trustees are up for grabs.

We need to make sure they’re filled with candidates who will listen to the needs of students, parents, and employees — not their big-money political donors.

Early voting: Nov. 29 – Dec. 7
Election Day: Dec. 11

You can find all the information you need to cast your ballot on the Harris County elections website

Educator Endorsements

Your vote is your voice. To help you make an informed decision, here are the candidates endorsed by the Houston Federation of Teachers, as well as Community Voices for Public Education.

Elizabeth Santos

Elizabeth Santos,

District 1

Elizabeth Santos is a former student, former teacher, and a current HISD parent.

Fights for Fair Pay for Employees

On the board, Elizabeth has fought for better pay for all school employees. She led the charge to get a $2,500 teacher pay raise added to the budget.

Opposes Charters & Privatization

Elizabeth believes more money should go to HISD classrooms not big-money charter schools that would replace our neighborhood schools.

Listens to Parents & Students

Elizabeth believes our schools work best when student, parent, and employee voices are heard. She’s pushed for more public forums and student representatives at the decision-making table.

Holly Flyn Vilaseca

Holly Flynn Vilaseca,

District 6

Holly Flynn Vilaseca is an HISD parent and a former bilingual Kindergarten teacher.

Invests in the HISD Community

On the board, Holly has pushed for more investment in special education programs and wraparound services that lift up the whole HISD community.

Fights for Fair Pay for Employees

Holly has voted consistently for fair pay raises for teachers, paraprofessionals, and support staff on the front lines of COVID-19.

Listens to Parents & Students

Holly is a strong supporter of district consultation with employees and more efforts by HISD to reach out to parents on important issues.

Anne Sung

Anne Sung,

District 7

Anne Sung is an HISD parent and graduate, as well as a former teacher and HFT member.

Fights for Fair Pay for Employees

On the board, Anne has led the charge to amend the district budget to make teacher and staff salaries more competitive with other districts.

Prioritizes Special Education

Anne is a leader in improving HISD special education services. She has sat on the district SPED committee and met with concerned parents and teachers.

Pushes for Better Budgets

Anne continues to push for smarter HISD budgeting with more money going to classrooms — all with feedback from employees and school community councils.

Fund Your Union’s Political Work

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