Your Union, Your Voice

A group of Texas A-F-T members gather in a photo booth, holding signs that say, "I'm a leader!" "Respect Educators," and "Respect School Employees."

At Texas AFT, everything we do starts and ends with what our members say they need.

We Hear You. The Rest of Texas Should Too.

We’re heard repeatedly that educators and school staff are frustrated by the lack of input they have on state and local decision-making about our schools.

They feel they don’t have a voice. Our commitment as your union is to change that — through surveys, polls, focus groups, listening sessions, and more.

Sound Off ?

Your Voice on Working Conditions

For two months this fall, Texas AFT members across the state met as part of a union task force on school employee working conditions. In their meetings, they dug in on issues relating to:

  • class size
  • educator censorship
  • excessive paperwork

Their work was instrumental in crafting the pillars of our Respect Agenda for the Texas Legislature, which meets again in January.

Want to make your voice heard on other issues? Take our 2022 Membership Survey

Last year, our members’ answers in our annual survey helped us change the narrative in Texas and force state leaders to deal with the real issue for our public schools: respect

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This year, we need your input ahead of the upcoming legislative session. Check your email for a message from Texas AFT with the subject line “2022 Membership Survey.”