AFT offers our members a wide range of money-saving programs and discounts that can often help cover the cost of your membership dues. Most of these are available through the Union Plus program, which means terrific savings for you on travel, pet care, mortgages, AT&T wireless service, life insurance and much more!

You also can read about your benefits at AFT, where you can access the site by using your member ID number.

If you haven’t yet received your member number or have lost your card, please call AFT at 888-238-5646 or fill out the assistance form.

Special Saving from Nationwide Insurance

Texas AFT members can now take advantage of the great, affordable benefits offered by Nationwide Insurance.

Thanks to a partnership between Texas AFT and Nationwide Insurance®, you can lower your auto insurance bills while you set up even higher peace of mind whenever you’re on the road. Click here to see how much you could save as a member of Texas AFT today! Or call 1-888-889-4322.



Texas AFT Occupational Liability Insurance

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