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Urge Negotiators to Keep SB 2 Amendment to Tap Rainy Day Fund

The fate of a key House amendment that would shrink cuts in school budgets by $2.2 billion over the next two years now rests in the hands of the conferees negotiating to work out differences between House and Senate on SB 2. They need to hear from us in support...

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Two Bills on Student Discipline Draw Attention

More than 1,100 bills await action by Gov. Rick Perry, who has until June 19 to decide which bills he wants to veto, which he wants to sign, and which he’s willing to allow on the books without his signature. Among the pending bills are two on student discipline that...

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Battle Over Use of Rainy Day Fund Continues

Another day, another attack on common-sense efforts to tap the state’s self-replenishing Rainy Day Fund to cover the shortfall in funding for public education. Thursday’s assault took the form of a non-binding motion to instruct conferees on SB 2 to kill the Howard/Farrar amendment. This sensible amendment, which passed the...

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