A-F bill fails in House, but is inserted in takeover bill

Updated 5/17/21 to reflect language of bill in SB 1365.

A bad bill that would have made it easier to get an unacceptable campus rating under the A-F system—and thus likely add more takeovers of our public schools—was voted down in the Texas House last week. HB 3731 (Harold Dutton, D-Houston) failed on a vote of 59-82. However, that damaging provision now appears in SB 1365, also a Dutton bill that’s designed to give the commissioner of education “final and unappealable” power in the process for removing local elected school boards and replacing them with a TEA board of managers.

Texas AFT will be opposing this bill.The A-F accountability system includes a reliance, to a large extent, on standardized test scores. The STAAR test is a poor measurement of any child, teacher, campus, or district’s performance. It appears that Dutton is determined to keep this harmful proposal moving in the session, making it much easier for the commissioner of education to take over an elected school board.