Early Voting ends today for primary runoffs; we need your help to get out the vote to push back against nearly $500,000 in charter school PAC contributions!

Caricatures of voters holding "vote" signs lined up at a ballot box. Text: Last Chance Texting Mixer

The charter school and pro-voucher PACs dumped almost $500,000 in spending around the state against some of our endorsed candidates for the May 24 primary runoffs. Charter schools are targeting races for the State Board of Education, which plays a significant role in approving new charter chains and campuses. If we want the SBOE to represent educators, then now is our chance.

Here’s how you can help defeat the big-money charter school chains:

1) Early vote. If you haven’t already voted early, it ends today. Check your county’s election website for locations and times. And if you miss today, be prepared to head to the polls Tuesday, May 24.

2) Join us Monday as we text friends of public education to get out the vote! Our weekly Texting Mixers have been a huge hit, with hundreds of thousands of texts sent to voters urging them to support public education supporters at the polls. Now it’s time for one final push.

In addition to SBOE races, the ballot also includes a handful of statewide positions in runoffs for each party, as well as some legislative and congressional contests. Check here for the details.