Texas AFT urges SBOE to reject charter applicants without site addresses

And as a bonus, SBOE receives a primer on Texas AFT’s work as a union

Legislative Counsel Patty Quinzi takes a moment to inform SBOE members that Texas AFT is indeed a union.

This week, newly-elected State Board of Education board members were sworn in and committee assignments were made. Matt Robinson from Friendswood was elected chair of the School Initiatives Committee, which also includes SBOE members Hickman, Johnson, Davis, and Cortez. 

While hearing an agenda item on the next round of charter school applicants, Patty Quinzi, Texas AFT legislative counsel, testified before the committee urging them to not approve any charter applicants that do not have a site address for the proposed school:

  • Charter applicants often include a series of zip codes without any specific address which fails to provide nearby public schools the proper notice to issue an accurate “statement of impact” of how a charter would affect the public school;
  • Quinzi also urged the board to keep the public in the charter application process by not limiting testimony time when gathering public input on charter applicants;
  • The SBOE is the only elected body with oversight over charter schools, yet last year it cut off dozens of witnesses, including school superintendents, elected school board members, parents, and even students who signed up to testify in opposition of a proposed San Antonio charter school.