Reflections on the rally for public education:

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Texans are fed up with the destructive course plotted by Abbott and Patrick  

Texas AFT President Louis Malfaro commented today on the rally for public education at the state Capitol:

Today’s rally for public education is yet another clear sign that Texans are fed up with the destructive agenda being pushed by some politicians in the special session.

Teachers, parents, students and concerned Texans understand that we need real solutions to make our school-finance system more equitable, that it’s harmful to our kids and our state’s future to have vast disparities in the educational opportunities for schoolchildren in different districts across the state.

As you heard at the rally today, Texans understand that subsidizing unaccountable private schools with taxpayer money in the form of vouchers will do nothing to improve our schools and will in fact further segregate our kids into the haves and have-nots. They understand that the lieutenant governor’s scheme to increase teacher pay with no new money offered by the state is nothing more than an attempt to appear supportive of educators while diverting attention from the real solutions needed for public education. They understand that the state is shirking its responsibility to fund public education adequately, that inaction and neglect by our state Senate are adding to the burden put on local taxpayers. They understand that the best path for property-tax relief is to fix our outdated and underfunded school-finance system.

Today’s rally is just one step. We intend to help educators, parents, and students engage with their legislators at every level to put a stop to the toxic politics and harmful course being plotted by the governor and lieutenant governor and instead use this special session as an opportunity to make real progress in funding our schools and paying a decent wage to our teachers.

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