Statement on attorney general’s faulty legal advice on health authorities and school reopenings

July 28, 2020

Rob D’Amico,, 512-627-1343

Texas AFT President Zeph Capo commented today on Attorney General Ken Paxton’s legal advice on issues around school reopenings and local health authorities:

The attorney general is sowing confusion in areas where school and health officials are finally on the same page to prevent disastrous school reopenings.

His logic is baffling and he’s trying to do backflips to explain why health officials can’t take preventative measures to stop the spread of infection. Remember, that with this issue, Paxton’s faulty legal counsel isn’t binding on any local health authority, so local officials need to stay the course. 

School officials need to stay united and focus on the goal of seeing at least a 14-day reverse in the metrics used to gauge the spread of COVID-19 before making any decisions on future reopenings.

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