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When you join Texas AFT, you become part of a union family with local, state and national support for you and your profession. Join us now!

Why we’re different

Texas AFT is more than legal protection and benefits (although we offer the best of those too!). Being a member of a union means you are part of a family of educators and other workers with a shared vision for public education. Texas AFT is the only Texas school employee organization with a significant number of local unions and Associate Membership Program offices organized to provide direct representation for educators and school employees.

With more than 65,000 members, Texas AFT is a statewide organization encompassing 38 local unions and regional offices in school districts across the state. We are also affiliated with the 1.6-million-member American Federation of Teachers and the AFL-CIO, with 12 million members.

Texas AFT staff also cut through red tape and help resolve thorny issues at your workplace. Our attorneys work with representatives in the field to defend your rights under state law.

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The Movement


  • We stand up for the rights of public school employees to elevate the profession and support policies to give everyone dignity and respect.
  • We oppose private-school vouchers, excessive testing requirements and actions that violate an employee’s rights.
  • Share My Lesson—AFT is the leading organization providing free access to over 420,000 lesson plans.
  • First Book—Texas AFT has helped distribute nearly 1 million free books to Title I schools across the state.
  • Texas AFT provides high quality research-based professional development helping our members be successful. We are the leading organization in providing Student Debt Clinics to empower educators to take control of their student loans.


  • We believe employees have the right to advocate for local policies to provide an institutional voice and be a part of the decision-making process.
  • Unlike some organizations that oppose employees having a unified local voice (ATPE and TCTA), Texas AFT actively supports collaboration through the elected consultation process.
  • Texas AFT members have local, state, and national power as we are engaged at all levels of government policy-making. We support candidates who are pro-public school. We are a nonpartisan organization that works to amplify the issues and
    concerns of our members.
  • Texas AFT is the top organization implementing Community Schools—a partnership of teachers, families, community members and service providers to support students and families.


Socorro AFT members celebrate their success at securing a 3 percent pay raise for all district employees.
  • Texas AFT represents 65,000 teachers, support professionals, and higher
    education faculty.
  • We are affiliated with the 1.6 million-member American Federation of Teachers (AFT), and the 12.5 million-member AFL-CIO.
  • Member benefits include:
    – more local/regional offices and staff support than any other organization
    – $8 million Occupational Liability Insurance
    – attorneys to assist members with job-related matters
    – Union Plus benefits which save members thousands of dollars on consumer products and services

Our Work

Funding Our Public Schools

We actively support candidates who support our public schools. We are building coalitions to move state lawmakers to action to adequately fund our public schools. Full funding provides small class sizes, classroom resources, competitive salaries, and a bright future for our students.

Keeping Our Schools “Public”

We oppose any and all forms of voucher legislation that would drain dollars from our public schools to fund unaccountable private schools. Vouchers in any shape or form are bad for Texas schoolchildren.

Affordable Health Care for All

Our union believes everyone has a right to accessible and affordable health care. We are fighting for increases in the state’s contributions to healthcare funding to lower premiums for working families.

Community Schools Champion

Our union is the leading organization implementing Community Schools to give struggling campuses the support they truly need. The Community Schools model is a proven method to make our neighborhood schools successful.

Professional Resources

We are proud of the resources that help our members succeed. Share My Lesson provides over 420,000 free lesson plans/activities. Our First Book partnership has helped distribute nearly 1 million free books to Title I schools in Texas. Our professional development program delivers high-quality research-based information.