Thanks for Taking Action!

Thanks for taking action!

Sample Script:

“My name is (your name), and I am a voter and a constituent of your district. I am calling today to talk to your office about HB 3.

HB 3 is a critical first step for funding our future. However, I am concerned about the pay-for-performance scheme included in this bill, and I am asking for you to reject any plan that requires already underpaid educators to compete for scarce funding.

Paying teachers based on standardized tests never intended for this purpose moves our state in the wrong direction. Additionally, student surveys have shown bias against educators of color, women, and those who teach higher grades. It doesn’t make sense for a child to decide a grownup’s paycheck.

I also believe the $5,000 pay raise in the bill needs to be extended beyond librarians and teachers to all members of the education community. While teachers make less than $7,000 than the national average, some of our support professionals do not not even make a living wage. We all need a raise.

Thank you for your consideration of these issues in HB 3, and for your support of educators.”


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