Topic: Support Professionals

Everyday Heroism: Charles “C.J.” Johnson, Paraprofessional Safety Worker, North Dallas High School, Alliance-AFT, Local 2260

A fifth-grade teacher from Connecticut and a New York teacher who carried her activist spirit with her into retirement in Florida were among the everyday heroes honored this week at the AFT TEACH professional-issues conference in the nation’s capital this week. Teacher Karen King has found myriad ways to help her students actively engage in humanitarian volunteer efforts across the...

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Tuition Exemption for Educational Aides—Helpful Amendment in House

Rep. Scott Hochberg, Democrat of Houston, did a good turn yesterday for educational aides who have been receiving scholarship help to attend college and become certified teachers. He amended his bill, HB 3624, to ensure that all those already attending college with the help of this program would remain eligible for the scholarships, even though from now on the program...

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