Topic: Rulings

As School Year Starts, Teachers’ Grading Authority Bolstered

In May 2009 the Texas legislature passed a truth-in-grading law designed to strengthen teachers' grading authority by prohibiting district policies that required teachers to give students unearned "minimum grades." In June 2010, a state district judge in Austin rejected a court challenge to the law, agreed with Texas AFT, and told school districts the law unambiguously prohibits awarding unearned cumulative...

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Texas AFT Prevails–Court Ruling Upholding Ban on Minimum Grades Will Not Be Appealed by School Districts

Texas AFT has received notification that there will be no appeal by school districts from a June court decision upholding the state ban on local minimum-grade policies. Under these local policies, teachers have been required to give students grades no lower than some district-mandated minimum, even if the students have refused to do any assignments or have failed to attend...

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