Topic: Vouchers

Private-School Voucher Proposals in Committee This Week

Two House bills and one Senate bill coming up for hearings this week would put the state of Texas in the voucher business: sending taxpayer dollars to private entities providing educational and related services to students. HB 1115 by Rep. Ken Paxton, Republican of McKinney, would provide a tax break to businesses that fund “scholarships” for students to use at...

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Federal Budget Bills for 2011, 2012 Are Education Battlegrounds

Speaking of bad policy, the compromise budget deal approved by Congress yesterday will extend funding for a private-school voucher program in the nation’s capital city. This program was started as a pilot under the administration of President George W. Bush. The U.S. Department of Education’s evaluation of the pilot program found no evidence that the voucher option produced superior performance....

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Tell Congress to Vote No on Vouchers in the Nation’s Capital

The U.S. House of Representatives is on a backwards course to resuscitate a private-school voucher program that has been shown to be ineffective. Why should we let them do it again? Tell your Representative to oppose private school vouchers in Washington, D.C. The Washington, D.C. voucher program was a five-year pilot program that expired in 2008.  Despite overwhelming evidence that...

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