CCAFT School Closure & Compensation Survey Results Are In!

Dear CCAFT Members & Friends,

Greetings from CCAFT, your local and only teacher and support professional union! Today, we write to you with the results from our latest membership survey regarding worker compensation during the COVD-19 school closure situation. We encourage you to view President Dr. Nancy Vera’s FaceBook FYI event to hear her important discussion of our membership’s feedback.

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The survey provided some fresh insight but also stressed some points we already knew, namely, that last year’s district pay raise was insufficient to meet the everyday needs of its employees struggling in today’s economy. Over 55 percent of our membership emphatically agreed on this point. Since closures began, over two-third of our membership now report that they are working longer and harder work hours to keep up with the demands of their jobs. Over 80 percent believe that our union should fight for a return to consultation—the labor management process that will allow for elected representatives from our union to negotiate with the district on an equal, head-to-head basis.



We ask that you share this e-mail with your coworkers to encourage them to join our efforts to make CCISD accountable to its employees and responsive to your needs. We know, for instance, that the majority of CCISD teachers are unfairly paying for the communication expenses to teach and reach out to our students on a daily basis. That’s not fair!



Ask your coworkers to join our union. For a limited time, new members can have their dues waived until the start of the 2020-21 academic school year. This will allow them to join our team and get a better view of the work we do everyday to meet the needs of our members. Simply ask them to fill our an online membership application here:


Our union only grows stronger as our membership does, and we need your help to make this possible. Please reach out if you have any questions.




Dr. Nancy Vera
Corpus Christi American Federation of Teachers