The Round-Up (January 18, 2018)

​January 18, 2018


  • Political Kickoff readies members to make change by electing friends of public education.
  • Resources for Black History Month
  • Scholarships available for graduating seniors in union families
  • The conversations continue
  • From AFT National
  • Benefit spotlight: Union Plus Car Rentals
  • Not getting our daily Legislative Hotline? Here’s what you’ve missed
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Political Kickoff readies members to make change by electing friends of public education.

Get ready—a crucial election season for public education is upon us, with early voting set to start February 20 in Republican and Democratic primaries for statewide, state legislative, and congressional offices. The first round of the primaries culminates on March 6.

Ed Espinoza, Progress Texas executive director, runs through an overview of voting statistics for Texas AFT leaders and activists.

Texas AFT held its annual political kickoff on January 6 with more than 150 activists planning for how they will engage members to get involved and vote! We will be outlining the key issues for members in the coming weeks to help you make informed decisions on helping elect candidates who will support our schools. For starters, here are some important dates:

Important Dates

Feb. 5:
Last day to register to vote

Feb. 20:
Early voting begins

March 2:
Early voting ends

March 6:
Election Day

Resources for Black History Month

Start your Black History Month (February) lesson planning with Share My Lesson’s expanded collection. You’ll find lessons, worksheets and activities to teach your preK-12 students about key events and individuals whose accomplishments continue to influence us today.

You’ll also get ideas and resources for integrating African American history and culture into all aspects of the yearlong curriculum including features for literature, history, biographies of notable Black Americans, film, music, art, migration/immigration, the struggle for civil rights both past and present, racism and current events.

Scholarships available for graduating seniors in union families

The deadline for applying for Texas AFL-CIO scholarships is fast approaching (January 31). This year Texas AFL-CIO will award $1,500 scholarships to 28 graduating seniors. To be eligible for the program, one of a student’s parents or legal guardians must be a member of a labor union that is affiliated both with its Central Labor Council and the Texas AFL-CIO (And that includes all Texas Texas AFT members.) The CLC requirement is waived if the student lives in a part of Texas that does not have CLC (or ALF) jurisdiction.

The conversations continue…

Texas AFT has held six “Community Conversations” across the state to meet with members, educators and community leaders to hear their input and help define a vision for public education. Events were held in Dallas, Southwest Dallas, Fort Bend/Alief, Amarillo and San Antonio, with the latest conversation meeting last week in La Joya/McAllen.

From AFT national…

  • As we ring in 2018, AFT has been reflecting on all the ways our locals, our state federations and our members were out in force in 2017—fighting budget cuts, privatization, austerity, and attacks on workers, while fighting for healthcare and education. We also pulled together to support members affected by the natural disasters that ravaged communities across the country. We care, we fight and we show up—and 2017 showed that big-time. Check out the year-end video to see some of 2017’s highlights and to get energized for 2018.
  • Rewarding the rich…GOP tax plan lavishes benefits on corporations and the very wealthy at the expense of Americans just trying to get by. Read more…

Benefit spotlight: Union Plus Car Rentals

Texas AFT partners with Union Plus, which provides a large variety of services and discounts on shopping, travel, insurance and more. Visit to find out how you can benefit and save!

The benefit spotlight this month is big savings on car rentals. Save up to 25% off when you rent a car with your Union Plus discount.

Not getting our daily Legislative Hotline? Here’s what you’ve missed

Texas AFT publishes a daily Legislative Hotline to keep you informed about education policy, politics, union news and events. Not on the list? Here are a couple items you missed:

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