TxEd in the Media top stories (March 4, 2019)

The week in Texas Education News

Librarians added to pay raise; counselors and others left out
SB 3, the pay raise for teachers only, passed the full Senate today with librarians added to the bill; however, counselors, nurses, support staff and others were left out. One article notes the bill faces and “uphill climb” in the Texas House, which will unveil its school finance proposal tomorrow.

Teachers: Why you shouldn’t be dancing in the streets with the Senate pay raise bill
Texas AFT has repeatedly cautioned teachers not to start dancing in the streets at the notion of a $5,000 teacher pay raise that has a lot of support from the lieutenant governor and state senators, because there’s a twist.

Also in this column:

  • Dallas Morning News editorial poo-poos across-the-board teacher pay raises
  • How Dallas ISD’s controversial incentive program tied to merit pay became a roadmap for many lawmakers
  • It’s not just better pay that’s needed to make the teaching profession more attractive

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