Services for Linda Bridges

Services for Bridges were held on Friday, January 16, in Austin. Another memorial service was held on Thursday, Jan. 22, at 4:30 pm at the Communications Workers of America Hall, 1210 South Staples Street, Corpus Christi, Texas 78404.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to the Texas AFL-CIO Scholarship Fund, 1204 San Antonio St. #300, Austin, TX 78701.

You may also donate to the fund online:


From the Legislative Hotline

Texas Senate Finance Panel Sets February Hearings on Education Funding

The budget-writing Texas Senate Finance Committee has scheduled a series of February hearings that will help to shape 2016-2017 funding for education from pre-K through college and university. Funding for Texas public schools through the Texas Education Agency will be on the hearing agenda for February 9, as will the budget overseen by the Higher Education Coordinating Board. On February 11, … [Read More...]

oalition for Community Schools Calls for Federal Policy Shift to Address “Whole Child”

The national Coalition for Community Schools has called for a new emphasis on school-community partnerships as Congress begins another attempt to rewrite federal education law. This community-school approach makes the neighborhood school a community hub for a full array educational, health, employment and other services for students and their families, with grass-roots decision-making shared by … [Read More...]

Texas AFT Wins Payments for North Forest Educators

Texas AFT recently concluded a lawsuit filed on behalf of former members in North Forest ISD who lost their teaching positions after the commissioner of education closed the school district. The final judgment signed by a Harris County district court judge made more than $192,000 available for distribution to AFT members who were affected by the district’s closure. Louis Malfaro, Texas AFT … [Read More...]