From the Legislative Hotline

Hotline Takes a Holiday

The Hotline will take a break starting December 18. The next Hotline will be the one for January 5, 2015. Best wishes to all for the winter holiday break. … [Read More...]

Notable Bills Pre-Filed for 2015 Legislative Session

More than 700 pieces of legislation already have been pre-filed for the 2015 legislative session starting on January 13 in Austin. Pre-filing by no means guarantees early action or indeed any action on these bills and resolutions. But it does attract attention, and here are some of the bills that have attracted ours since pre-filing began on November 10: --School finance:  Sen. Kirk Watson, … [Read More...]

Congress Extends Tax Deduction for Teacher-Purchased Classroom Supplies

It ought to be an embarrassment to federal and state policy-makers that teachers routinely have to reach into their own pockets to pay for classroom supplies required by their students.  The least those policy-makers ought to do is to provide some relief for the teachers who step and spend their own money for their students’ sake. And for a long time this year it seemed that even the modest relief … [Read More...]