From the Legislative Hotline

In Case You Missed It: “The Promise of Career and Technical Education”

AFT President Randi Weingarten used her November 16 “What Matters Most” column to lay out some home truths about the U.S. economy and the rising importance of career and technical education to help Americans get ahead. We reprint her column on “The Promise of Career and Technical Education” here: On the surface, the latest jobs report from the Department of Labor is good news—an estimated … [Read More...]


Community-Schools Strategy Gaining Support

November 20 was a national day of action in support of community schools as an effective strategy for school improvement and an effective alternative to failed test-and-punish accountability policies. In Texas, community-school advocates including our Texas AFT affiliates in Houston ISD, Dallas ISD, and Austin ISD took part in the advocacy campaign. The marquee event of the day in Texas was a … [Read More...]

Previews of Coming Attractions at the State Capitol: Budget Decisions and the Lowdown on Vouchers

Setting a Cap on Spending Growth:  On December 1 the Legislative Budget Board, made up of legislative leaders and members of the Texas House and Senate, will set an important limit on the rate of growth in state spending for the coming two-year budget period (fiscal 2016-2017, beginning September 1, 2015). Unless a majority of lawmakers in each chamber vote specifically to override the limit, the … [Read More...]