From the Legislative Hotline

Congress Extends Tax Deduction for Teacher-Purchased Classroom Supplies

It ought to be an embarrassment to federal and state policy-makers that teachers routinely have to reach into their own pockets to pay for classroom supplies required by their students.  The least those policy-makers ought to do is to provide some relief for the teachers who step and spend their own money for their students’ sake. And for a long time this year it seemed that even the modest relief … [Read More...]

Gov.-Elect Abbott Touts Education as Priority One, But His Spending Plans Tell a Different Story

Last week Gov.-elect Greg Abbott held a quick press conference at the state capitol to introduce his incoming staffers and spell out some top budget priorities for the 2015 session. He asserted that education would be his number-one priority. But the picture of his priorities changed when it came to specifying actual dollars he wants to devote to education compared to other matters like … [Read More...]

Multi-Themed Winter Issue of AFT’s American Educator is Worth Your While

Amy Hightower, editor of the American Educator at AFT, provides an inviting preview of the new issue of AFT’s professional magazine for educators, hot off the presses: Former AFT President Albert Shanker originally conceived of charter schools as places for enhancing teacher innovation and educating students from diverse backgrounds. But many charter schools today fall short of this vision by … [Read More...]