From the Legislative Hotline

Texas AFT’s Linda Bridges and AFT’s Randi Weingarten Comment on Presidential Action on Immigration Policy

Texas AFT President Linda Bridges issued this statement responding to President Obama’s speech on immigration policy Thursday evening: President’s executive action on immigration is a needed first step for schools required by law to educate children of parents without legal status The executive actions announced today by the president are vital first steps in providing a stable learning … [Read More...]

State Board of Education and TRS Board Prepare Menus for Legislature This Week

While the State Board of Education continues to tussle the rest of this week over allegations of bias in proposed social-studies textbooks up for Board approval, other matters also are on the agenda. For example, Board members are deciding on their legislative recommendations for the 2015 session that will start January 13. On Wednesday Board members winnowed their wish list down to a tentative … [Read More...]

State Board of Education Revisits Textbook Bias Complaints—Some Resolved, Some Not

The State Board of Education struggled Tuesday toward resolution of a raft of complaints about bias perceived in proposed textbooks up for Board approval. Many complaints from an earlier round of public testimony have been resolved, but others have emerged. Publishers have corrected some language in draft textbooks that would have downplayed slavery as a cause of the Civil War. Also modified in … [Read More...]