From the Legislative Hotline


Civil-Rights Groups Urge End to Test-Driven Accountability, Call for Broader, Better Alternative

The test-based Texas school accountability system and the Texas-inspired federal accountability apparatus have long been defended as a supposed civil-rights necessity, ensuring attention will be paid to the educational needs of all students. On October 28, a broad array of U.S. civil-rights groups rejected that threadbare rationale for test-driven accountability, and they offered specific … [Read More...]


Finding the Funds for Public Schools: Watch October 29 Comptroller Debate

On Wednesday Mike Collier, the candidate for comptroller of public accounts backed by Texas AFT, will face off with Glenn Hegar, a corporate farmer and state senator who memorably said he was “proud” of voting for deep funding cuts in public education. Mike Collier condemns those cuts and rightly points out that they were based in part on a badly mistaken, low-ball estimate of state revenue by the … [Read More...]


Affordable Health Care for Active and Retired Education Employees: Speak Out!

As previously reported, the legislature soon will be deciding how to meet the state’s obligations to pay for health-insurance coverage for active and retired school employees. Lawmakers will have to figure out how to cover a sizable shortfall in funding for TRS-Care for retirees as well as the rising cost of health coverage for those currently employed by school districts. Texas AFT can only … [Read More...]