Be ready to shape new teacher evaluation systems

Professional educators are keenly aware that teaching requires continuing education, constant review and an official evaluation system to improve the practice. Texas teachers have witnessed an evolving teacher appraisal system over the last few decades, and they fully understand and embrace the opportunity to enhance their craft through a professional evaluation process. However, questions often […]

AFT Texas Lobby Day at the State Capitol March 16, 2015.

Educators speak! Texas AFT members drive wins in Democratic and Republican races

“I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.” – Will Rogers Texas AFT is a non-partisan union made up of 65,000 Texas public school employees. Within our ranks are members of many political stripes who come together around a shared vision of high-quality schools for all Texas children. When […]


Ding Dong. Knock Knock Knock. Let’s Talk!

If you see us at your door this summer, we’re there to hear from you how we can work together to improve our schools and our profession. Staff and member volunteers will be going door to door in many areas of the state, so give them a welcome! (If we miss you, we’ll leave a door hanger with some information and a call-back number.)

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Do you have to pay for lost or stolen textbooks or technology items?

Do you have to pay for lost or stolen textbooks or technology items? In most cases…No! Texas Education Code §31.104, (d) and (e) states: (d) Each student, or the student’s parent or guardian, is responsible for each textbook not returned by the student. A student who fails to return all textbooks forfeits the right to […]



Sign the Petition Urging Affordable Health Insurance For Texas School Employees

Petition to State Lawmakers and Leaders (sign below) We ask the Texas Legislature to make immediate and ongoing increases in state funding for active school employees’ health insurance provided through formula aid to school districts. THE PROBLEM: The state’s funding for health insurance has stagnated at $75 per employee per month since 2002, while the […]

From the Legislative Hotline


State Board’s Approval of This Textbook Would be a Travesty—Speak Out!

A broad coalition of organizations and scholars from across Texas is calling on the State Board of Education to reject a proposed Mexican-American studies textbook that promotes offensive cultural stereotypes, distorts history and is plagued by factual errors. Texas AFT is a partner in this coalition. The textbook on Mexican-American history and culture proposed for Texas public schools is … [Read More...]

As School Resumes, Health-Care Costs Rise–Let Lawmakers Know You Need Affordable Care!

Take Action Here! (and share your experiences with health-care costs here) As students head back to school across Texas, many teachers and support personnel are shouldering new increases in the cost of their health coverage. While some school districts have helped absorb some of the increased costs, the state has kept its contribution toward school employees’ coverage at a flat $75 per month … [Read More...]

Louisiana AFT Members Need Your Help!

AFT President Randi Weingarten sent out an e-mail yesterday to AFT members asking for donations to the union's Disaster Relief Fund for flooding in Louisiana. As you may recall, AFT members around the country responded with donations to the fund to help our Texas members who suffered from floods in the Houston area this year. Weingarten wrote: Our brothers and sisters in Louisiana need our help … [Read More...]