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Dan Patrick Doubles Down in Defense of Destructive Education Cuts; Van de Putte Shines

Dan Patrick, the Republican state senator running for lieutenant governor, cannot keep his story straight on the issue of education funding. First he falsely claimed that last year he “led the charge” to restore the $5.4 billion in funding that was slashed in 2011. When that claim was exposed as a “pants on fire” falsehood by media fact-checkers, Patrick started arguing, again falsely, that the … [Read More...]

Gubernatorial Debate Number 2–Where to Watch on Tuesday at 8 PM

The second and final debate in the Texas governor’s race will occur Tuesday, September 30, at 8 p.m. Central Time. The debate comes against the backdrop of two developments that ought to make it a difficult moment for Greg Abbott, the Republican candidate for governor. First, on Friday in his capacity as attorney general Abbott continued his defense of the indefensible school budget cuts and of … [Read More...]

Attorney General Abbott Makes the Wrong Moves in School-Finance Lawsuit

On August 28 state District Judge John Dietz ruled that the current state system of school funding violates the state’s constitutional duty to provide adequately and equitably for public education. Late on Friday, September 26, Attorney General Greg Abbott confirmed that he would continue to defend this indefensible school-finance system, by filing an appeal with the Texas Supreme Court seeking to … [Read More...]

Senate Education Chair Says Deep Cuts Didn’t Matter: “Schools Survived, We Did Fine”

Senate Education Committee chair Dan Patrick, the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor, already has been nailed by the news reporters at Texas PolitiFact for falsely claiming that he “led the charge” to restore the $5.4 billion that was cut from public education in 2011. His actual role, as PolitiFact noted in giving the claim a “Pants on Fire” rating for falsehood, was not only to vote for … [Read More...]