Education reform: the TV version versus the real thing

Private interests are spending a tidy sum this month on TV ads to sell the Legislature on their preferred education agenda. It is billed as bold reform. It actually would take our public schools backward. Fortunately, even as the ads keep running, better ideas are gaining ground at the Capitol.

The Facts on SB 893/HB 2543

Updated: April 16, 2015 Related page: STAAR is Not the Measure of Good Teaching, and You’re Worth More than $27,540! Note: SB 893 has passed the Senate and has yet to be considered in the House. The House companion bill, HB 2543, has been heard in committee but not yet acted upon. FACT: SB 893/HB 2543 […]



Convention 2015

“Reclaiming the Promise” in San Antonio, June 12-14, 2015

Make plans now to attend the Texas AFT Convention Friday, June 12, through Sunday, June 14, 2015 at the Omni Colonnade in San Antonio.

From the Legislative Hotline

Budget for 2016-17 Biennium Approved by State Legislature—Missed Opportunity

With three days to spare before the current legislative session ends June 1, the Texas House and Senate gave final approval Friday to the state budget for 2016-17. This two-year budget bill, HB 1, is really the only must-pass bill of the session, and it also is perhaps the most revealing of legislative priorities. Judging by this budget, the top priorities this session plainly were tax cuts and … [Read More...]

Outcome of Major Education Policy Debates Still to be Decided

Many of the most important education policy debates of the 2015 legislative session remain to be decided over the weekend. By Saturday at midnight, all the bills that are currently being negotiated in the back rooms of the capitol must be printed in their final form and distributed to all the members of the House and Senate. Final votes must then be taken in both chambers by midnight … [Read More...]

Kill Zombie Bills!

Three bad Senate amendments to House Bill 1842 would resurrect failed bills aiming to privatize schools and nullify state safeguards of educational quality like class-size limits. Tell your House member to reject these bad Senate amendments! After midnight Tuesday, the Texas Senate loaded up a House bill with bad amendments to promote private takeover of public schools and nullify state quality … [Read More...]



Breaking news on fixing ESEA

By Randi Weingarten on April 22, 2015 This afternoon, Sens. Alexander and Murray—the chair and the ranking member, respectively, of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions … [Read More...]


Randi’s Corner

Read more from AFT's president at Randi's Corner.   "Across the country, AFT members are working with their communities to champion fairness, democracy, economic opportunity, and … [Read More...]