From the Legislative Hotline

Multi-Themed Winter Issue of AFT’s American Educator is Worth Your While

Amy Hightower, editor of the American Educator at AFT, provides an inviting preview of the new issue of AFT’s professional magazine for educators, hot off the presses: Former AFT President Albert Shanker originally conceived of charter schools as places for enhancing teacher innovation and educating students from diverse backgrounds. But many charter schools today fall short of this vision by … [Read More...]

Official Estimate Shows Just How Big the Rainy Day Fund Could Get—Even After Diversion of Dollars for Highways

Under the constitutional amendment approved by Texas voters on November 4, half the oil and gas revenue that normally would flow into the state’s Economic Stabilization Fund can be diverted to highway projects, if a certain floor amount of money is maintained in the ESF (also known informally as the Rainy Day Fund). Defining that floor is a task assigned to a special joint committee of the Texas … [Read More...]

State Education Commissioner Fails in Bid for Federally Funded Pre-K Vouchers

Texas was not among 18 states announced as winners of federal pre-K expansion funding today.  Hence Texas Commissioner of Education Michael Williams has failed in his effort to secure federal funding for pre-K voucher funding of private schools. Williams embedded a pre-K voucher scheme, for which there is no state legislative authorization or funding, in a grant application to the U.S. Department … [Read More...]