From the Legislative Hotline

Voted Yet? Early Voting Ends October 31, Then It’s on to November 4, Election Day

The general election to decide who governs Texas (and some local school boards, too) is coming down to the final few days.  You can still take advantage of one more day of early voting, October 31. Or you can vote on Tuesday, November 4, from 7 AM to 7 PM. Soon we’ll see whether voters have figured out the stark choice on education issues that faces them in this election. On one side, there’s a … [Read More...]

With Vouchers Blocked by the Legislature, Texas Education Commissioner Tries an End Run

For more than 20 years and a dozen legislative sessions, the Texas legislature has defeated one proposal after another that would have diverted scarce taxpayer dollars from public schools and transferred the money to unaccountable private schools. Just last year there was a test of legislative sentiment on the issue in the Texas House, and by a bipartisan supermajority of 103 to 43 your state … [Read More...]