It isn’t enough for Texas public schools to survive. Our students deserve schools that help them thrive.

It’s Time to Thrive

Our fight to thrive is about creating respectful working conditions with more planning time, fewer added duties and extra paperwork, resources to prevent burnout before it starts, and a defined workday that doesn’t require us to sacrifice our personal lives for our jobs. Our union’s professional development and advocacy programs help members create a school culture that allows both employees and students to thrive.

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We’re Stronger Together

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Texas spends roughly $3,314 less per student than the national average each year. That adds up to about $18 billion less spent on Texas public schools than elsewhere in the United States. All this, even though our state has the world’s ninth-largest economy.

The 88th Legislature failed to put any new dollars into the base level of funding our schools get. Instead, lawmakers chased school vouchers.

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Underfunding costs our students programs, extracurriculars, and chronic understaffing of educators and school staff who support them every day. 70% of Texas AFT members surveyed in 2022 said they were thinking of quitting, which is causing a staffing crisis.

The 88th Legislature refused to provide raises for any Texas school employee or even take up bills that would reduce class sizes.

Texas A-F-T President Zeph Capo with two young children holding up signs about gun violence in schools.


Lack of resources and respect also makes our schools less safe. 98% of Texas students attend a school without proper staffing of nurses, counselors, & psychologists. And 90% of school employees worry their campus could be the site of a mass shooting.

The 88th Legislature did nothing to reduce gun violence and put just 28 cents more per student into the school safety fund.

Cover of Texas A-F-T biennial report for 2021-2023, titled Together We Thrive.

Our Work To Thrive

Regardless of what state and district leaders choose to do, our members work tirelessly every day in their communities to help students thrive. Below are just a few examples of our work to thrive. You can can find more in our 2021-2023 Biennial Report.

Text says "Fully Funded and Fully Respected: The Path to Thriving Texas Public Schools"

The Path to Thriving Texas Schools

The state of Texas can afford #SchoolstoThrive. In a 2022 report, Texas AFT and Every Texan put a price tag on a different future, one in which lawmakers prioritize respect for public schools and their employees and one in which we work together to build a public education system that helps Texas children thrive. 

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