Associate Membership Program

Join our movement to build a powerful voice for public school educators and support professionals across the state. #ThriveTogether

Thrive with Texas AFT

Our fight to thrive is about creating respectful working conditions with more planning time, fewer added duties and extra paperwork, resources to prevent burnout before it starts, and a defined workday that doesn’t require us to sacrifice our personal lives for our jobs.

The Texas AFT Associate Membership Program (AMP) is an introductory membership program for Texas AFT that gives educators statewide a voice on issues, even when they don’t yet have a local union. Learn more by calling 1-800-222-3827.

New members can join Texas AFT AMP for $125 per year. Dues for organizing committees vary by school district.

Members enjoy many benefits, including $8 million professional liability insurance and our union’s AFT+ Member Benefits program.

For assistance with job-related questions or grievances, contact our Membership Resolution Department.

Contact Us

We provide local and regional offices across the State of Texas. Contact our team today to learn more about organizing opportunities in your area. We will thrive together.

Call 1-800-222-3827

Bridges Institute

Our Texas AFT Bridges Institute for Professional Development is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization devoted to providing professional development and educational resources to Texas educators. Check out current and upcoming events on the Bridges Institute page.

Share My Lesson

Share My Lesson is designed by educators for educators. The award-winning, AFT-exclusive Share My Lesson is a one-stop destination for high-quality, educator-developed and educator-vetted resources for your classroom use.

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