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House Committees on Public Education and Higher Education Convene for Marathon 12-Hour Hearing

Tree-lined walkway leading to the Texas Capitol building

Texas AFT member Rebekah Ozuna (left) testifies late in the evening at the joint committee hearing This Tuesday, the House Committee on Public Education and the House Committee on Higher Education held a joint hearing to discuss solutions to the teacher retention crisis. The marathon hearing lasted 12 hours and included 14 panels of invited testimony discussing the teacher recruitment...

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Congress Moves Social Security Fairness Act Out of Committee

U.S. Capitol dome seen from afar.

This Friday, the House Ways and Means Committee discussed HR 82, the Social Security Fairness Act, and ultimately voted to report the bill without recommendation so that it can be considered and voted on by the whole House of Representatives. The Social Security Fairness Act would repeal the Windfall Elimination...

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Texas AFT Joins the Texas Coalition for Educator Preparation

Texas AFT has joined forces with other educator associations, several universities and alternative certification organizations, and many special interest groups to form the Texas Coalition for Educator Certification (TCEP). This new organization features many of the same members as the ad-hoc group that collectively fought against the edTPA certification exam,...

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Texas AFT Retiree+ Member Advocates for COLA at TRS Board Meeting

Texas AFT Retiree+ member Phyllis Ruffin speaks during the public comment portion of the TRS Board of Trustees meeting. This Thursday and Friday, the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) Board of Trustees convened for its quarterly meeting.  The TRS board received a report from contracted economic analysts discussing the...

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Texas Parent Group Comes Out Against Greg Abbott

Texas Parent PAC, a bipartisan political action committee of parents who support high-quality public education, is urging Texans to vote against incumbent Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. This is the first time the organization has ever taken a stance on the governor’s race.  “Abbott is failing our kids and neighborhood public...

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House Ways & Means Committee Talks Property Taxes

Darkened Capitol rotunda with streaks of daylight dashing from the doors to the center

The Texas House Committee on Ways & Means held a hearing Thursday on interim charges related to property taxes, appraisal, and the economic implications of allowing the Chapter 313 corporate property tax abatement program to sunset at the end of the year. The issue of Chapter 313 is particularly important...

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