Help educators impacted by Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey has left a path of devastation throughout the Texas Gulf Coast, while relentless rains have flooded many other areas.

Texas AFT has a long history of assisting members in need, including relief from hurricanes and the Bastrop fires–events to which our members responded quickly with donations to our Disaster Relief Fund.

Now it’s time to step up and answer the call for help again so that we can provide direct relief to affected members. Please note that all donations will be used for disaster relief and no other purpose.

(Click here if you are a Texas AFT member that would like to apply for assistance.) You can also find a list of more information and resources here.  If you are a Texas AFT member in need of immediate assistance, please email us here or message us on Facebook.

You may donate at any level:


  1. Janette Sexton says

    I am not an educator, but I strongly believe in the power of education to lift people out of poverty. I was not impacted by rising water in my neighborhood, but I have been moved by the plight of residents in southeast Texas.

  2. Lilia P. Cantú says

    Greetings! My freshmen students at Texas A&M International University and I are reading A Backpack, A Bear, and Eight Crates of Vodka by Lev Golinkin. The author of this year’s common read shares insights from the many books he reads as a child. Both he and his family, who must flee religious persecution in the USSR, value education and literacy. Similarly, my students recognize the value in reading and are interested in collecting backpacks, teddy bears, and books for the children of Houston whose schools have been devastated by Harvey. Please let us know of a specific school we may be able to work with by providing the childern with the backpacks. Thank you!

  3. Nancy Lopez says

    I am a first grade teacher in Hemet, California. My class is selling lemonade to raise funds to help another first grade class that was affected by Hurricane Harvey. Can you send me a school (preferably a first grade class) that we can make a donation to?

    Thank you!
    Nancy Lopez


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