Hurricane Harvey (Information and Resources)

Please note that applications for our Disaster Relief Fund have closed (as of Sept. 8 at midnight). As a Texas AFT Member, you may still be eligible for assistance from the Texas AFL-CIO Worker’s Relief Fund. If you have a Union Plus credit card, mortgage, or auto/life/home insurance, you may be eligible for a Union Plus grant up to $500.

When natural disasters strike, they significantly affect our school communities, which often struggle with issues over transportation, damaged facilities, and impacted school employees and students. Hurricane Harvey and its corresponding rain and flooding hit us at a particularly awkward time, since Monday is the first day of school for most districts in Texas.

Your fellow school employees that are Texas AFT members need your assistance!
You can donate to our Disaster Relief Fund here.

If you are a Texas AFT member in need of immediate assistance, please email us here or message us on Facebook.  Please note that applications for the Disaster Relief Fund grants have closed as of Sept. 8 at midnight.

Here are a few resources for finding information and assistance:



  1. Kelly Eddy says

    I’m a teacher in WA and we have a pile of posters, borders, etc. thatcee would like to know if we could send them to you.

  2. Nicole Shaffer says

    My name is Nicole Shaffer and I am the principal of a school in WV we would like to assist in school supplies for the schools/teachers effected by the hurricane, but need to know how to proceed. Please contact me so I can help!

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