Procedure for Applying for the Texas AFT Disaster Relief Fund

Please note that applications for our Disaster Relief Fund have closed (as of Sept. 8 at midnight). As a Texas AFT Member, you may still be eligible for assistance from the Texas AFL-CIO Worker’s Relief Fund. If you have a Union Plus credit card, mortgage, or auto/life/home insurance, you may be eligible for a Union Plus grant up to $500.


Deadline for applications is Friday, September 8.

The Texas AFT Disaster Relief Fund has been created to help our members recover from losses sustained from Hurricane Harvey. Our union relief fund is part of the AFT’s tradition of solidarity with our members when they are overtaken by natural or man-made catastrophes.

The purpose of the fund is to provide some relief to help members meet their immediate essential needs in a federally or state-declared disaster. While we know it will not help members pay all the bills incurred by catastrophic loss, it serves as to show that your union stands with you.

What is covered:

Losses due to the cost of evacuation, primary residence dwelling damage/loss, personal property loss (furniture, electronics, clothing, work supplies at your personal dwelling) and/or vehicle loss/rental car costs.

Who may apply:

Any current AFT member, active or retired, may apply for assistance if he/ she: lives in an area declared a federal or state disaster area and who has incurred personal costs due to mandatory evacuation, damage to or loss of his or her primary residence, personal vehicle loss or car rental car fees and/or loss of personal possessions at the primary residence. Losses are considered by household, not by member. Each household can submit one grant application per calendar year.

How to apply:

Fill out the Texas AFT Disaster Relief Grant Application, which asks you to complete each section that applies to you and submit the appropriate documentation of loss.

What is the process?

Once you’ve completed the application form. Our fund will process the application, ask for any further information needed and prepare payment. Once the payment is ready, it will be sent as quickly as possible to you directly or to your local union office for distribution to you.

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