Your Voice: Use It or Lose It!

Your voice is crucial to improving public education and the teaching profession. Your voice has helped stop bad ideas to privatize public education through private-school vouchers and take away secure pensions.

Frankly, they want you out of the way, and they’ve devised a scheme to do it: take away your right to pay your union dues through payroll deduction. A hearing on the bill in the Senate State Affairs Committee was held  (recap here) and the committee approved the bill, with the full Senate giving approval on March 30.  A House version of the legislation (HB 510) has been referred to the House State Affairs Committee, but no hearing has been scheduled.  Stop them here…  

Texas Senator Dan PatrickIt’s a move devised to weaken our collective voice and shut teachers and school employees up once and for all.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has declared outlawing payroll deduction a top priority for the legislative session, and Gov. Greg Abbott included it as a priority in his State of the State speech this month. Both say private school vouchers are their top education priority.

Senate Bill 13 and House Bill 510 eliminate payroll deduction for most public employees, including teachers and other school personnel, nurses, correctional officers, child protection workers, and other public-sector workers at the state and local level. These bills single out teachers and school employees but would continue to allow payroll deduction for police and firefighters. SB 13’s author, Sen. Joan Huffman, has said that it’s because those employees are “different.”

Take action now by sending your senator and state representative a letter telling them that it’s your money and your choice, and that payroll deduction offers a safe and convenient benefit for school employees to voluntarily support professional organizations that enhance the quality of public education in Texas.



  1. email is good says

    check out the pdf file on the last 5 years of charter school closings. Is this the way politicians want to waste money by taking it away from public schools?.

    Charter Campuses Closing Within Past Five Years Division of Charter School Administration

    Texas lets troubled Dallas, Houston charter schools die slow death ……/texas-lets-troubled-charter-school-die-a-slow-deat...
    Apr 1, 2016 – Texas is forcing a troubled Dallas charter school to shut down

    Charter Schools | Texas ISD
    Dallas-area charter school families to Texas lawmakers: Campuses need more money … in Texas, Charter Advocates Plan 2017 Push for Funds to Build New Schools … HOUSTON – A Houston Charter School appears to have closed its doors

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