Our Issues


One of our union’s top priorities is fighting efforts to further privatize our public education system — whether through new voucher schemes or expensive, unaccountable charter schools.

Standardized Testing

Text says, "The Stakes Are Too High"

In any year, our union thinks it’s past time to stop the state’s over-reliance on standardized testing. But in a pandemic, administering the STAAR test is an especially unnecessary burden.

Legislative Agenda

Photo is of the Texas state Capitol. Text says, "Our Legislative Agenda."

With each legislative session, our union develops an agenda of issues important to our 66,000 members across Texas — from funding our public schools to protecting our rights as workers.

Our Members


Member wearing a suit and a face mask standing next to a Burnet Middle School sign.

Texas AFT works to better the profession of educators by promoting effective public education policy to improve the pay and working conditions of teachers, nurses, counselors, and other professionals.

Higher Education

A member stands smiling in front of a tree.

Our union also represents higher education employees at community colleges and universities. We are actively organizing higher ed local unions around the state.

Support Professionals

Member in Dallas I-S-D uniform standing by a school bus.

Support personnel — from bus drivers to cafeteria workers to custodians — keep our schools running. Texas AFT aims to represent their varied interests on the local and state levels.