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Historic Affiliation : AAUP and AFT Join Forces

Delegates to the biennial meeting of the American Association of University Professors voted in 2022 to affiliate with the American Federation of Teachers, joining forces to build a more powerful and inclusive academic labor movement that will be better able to take on the challenges facing higher education as well as the threats to our democracy. Read more.

The AAUP’s “Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession 2021-22” headlines falling wages for full-time faculty.

Five ways the AFT fights student debt, plus: a survey that invites you to join us. You may also access Texas AFT student debt materials here.

No trend has changed the face of higher education more than the shift away from a corps of full-time, tenure-track faculty to an underpaid and undersupported contingent instructional workforce. 

Our advocacy work happens on our own campuses and among our colleagues, but it also takes us to the Texas Capitol, where so many attacks on higher education originate. In the 88th Legislature, ACC AFT, AFT Lone Star College, and our AAP partners fought back fiercely against attacks on DEI, tenure, and academic freedom.

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