Cy-Fair Town Hall showcases four great candidates for the Texas House

This week Cy-Fair AFT hosted a virtual town hall with locally endorsed candidates for Texas State House. Cy-Fair AFT President Nikki Cowart sat down with Natali Hurtado, Bryan Henry, Akilah Bacy, and State Rep. Gina Calanni to talk about the future of public education in Texas, including their opposition to teacher merit pay and high-stakes standardized testing. 

“I’m a product of public schools. My daughters are going to be products of public schools. And it’s about damn time that we have representatives who are willing to stand up there in Austin and make sure that we stop all the nonsense that is happening,” Natali Hurtado said. 

When asked about the current challenges Texas teachers are facing in the classroom amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Bryan Henry, who is the Democratic candidate running for House District 130, empathized with teachers, school employees, parents, and students. “We know that public schools are just so basic to the functioning and fabric of society that we were never even willing to consider what it would mean for schools to not just reopen normally in the fall,” Henry said. 

State Rep. Gina Calanni asked AFT members to get more engaged with their local elections in the community. “The closer you get to the bottom of the ballot, the closer you get to your doorstep,” Calanni said. You can watch the full video on Cy-Fair AFT’s Candidate Forum here.

It is crucial that we elect pro-public education candidates to ensure our educators and school employees have representatives who are willing to fight and hold failed leaders like Gov.Greg Abbott accountable. Texas AFT is committed to this goal, but it is going to take all of us! Sign up here to help make phone calls or write postcards to educators near you today!