Texas AFT Endorsements: 2016 Democratic Primaries

Friends of education and educators recommended in the Democratic primary (key contested races)

Texas House of Representatives:

  • Rep. Sergio Munoz Jr., House District 36 (Mission)
  • Rep. Rene Oliveira, House District 37 (Brownsville)
  • Gina Hinojosa, House District 49 (Austin)
  • Rep. Mary Gonzalez, House District 75 (Clint)
  • Lina Ortega, House District 77 (El Paso)
  • Rep. Toni Rose, House District 110 (Dallas)
  • Martin Golando, House District 116 (San Antonio)
  • Philip Cortez, House District 117 (San Antonio)
  • Mario Salas, House District 120 (San Antonio)
  • Rep. Ina Minjarez, House District 124 (San Antonio)
  • Rep. Alma Allen, House District 131 (Houston)
  • Rep. Gene Wu, House District 137 (Houston)
  • Randy Bates, House District 139 (Houston)
  • Rep. Jessica Farrar, House District 148 (Houston)
  • Rep. Hubert Vo, House District 149 (Houston)

Texas Senate:

  • Sen. Carlos Uresti, Senate District 19 (San Antonio)
  • Sen. Jose Menendez, Senate District 26 (San Antonio)
  • Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr., Senate District 27 (Brownsville)

State Board of Education:

  • Georgina Perez, SBOE District 1 (El Paso)

U.S. House of Representatives:

  • Pete Gallego, Congressional District 23 (Alpine)
  • Rep. Gene Green, Congressional District 29 (Houston)
  • Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, Congressional District 30 (Dallas)
  • Rep. Marc Veasey, Congressional District 33 (Fort Worth)

U.S. President:

  • Hillary Clinton

For additional information:

For additional information on Democratic primary ballot questions and candidates, see the League of Women Voters of Texas voter guide. Also visit the home page of Texas Parent PAC and the Texas AFL-CIO. And check out the national AFT Web site for presidential primary election 2016 information.