Texas AFT endorses MJ Hegar for U.S. Senate

Texas AFT is proud to endorse MJ Hegar for US Senate. MJ believes every child, regardless of where they come from or how much money their family makes, should have access to an affordable and quality education. She will advocate for Texas public schools and teachers because she believes an investment in strong public education is an investment in our nation’s future. Accordingly, MJ supports the safe reopening of schools.

MJ Hegar

On the other hand, current Sen. John Cornyn has earned the scorn of Texas educators. Cornyn has voted repeatedly to cut funding for education—and even eliminate the Department of Education entirely. Cornyn cast the deciding vote to confirm Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education, ushering in a new era of school privatization. Cornyn voted for measures to cut Head Start, turn education funding into state block grants, and to fund school voucher programs, all of which harm Texas public school educators and the children they teach. 

For those who care about public education, the choice is clear.

“MJ Hegar knows firsthand that public schools provide the education and support services that students need,” said Texas AFT President Zeph Capo. “Keeping kids and teachers safe is her first priority. If we get the virus under control in Texas, we can get back to school, and she has a plan for dealing with COVID-19. John Cornyn doesn’t even believe kids can get COVID-19. There’s a stark choice for the U.S. Senate.”