Your Choice, Our Responsibility: Endorsements for the 2020 Election

Voters will weigh a variety of issues when deciding on which candidate to support. Your vote is your choice. But it’s also our responsibility as your union to look at the candidates’ records on issues affecting public education and working families.

AFT has endorsed Joe Biden for president, and our union has a detailed website devoted to the presidential candidates on the issues. Biden has a long record of supporting our working families and teachers, and as president he will appoint a new U.S. Secretary of Education and send Betsy DeVos packing. DeVos has pursued a destructive agenda to privatize education with proposals for massive expenditures on private-school vouchers. DeVos also tried to divert millions of dollars in federal pandemic relief funding away from public schools and to private schools.

As early voting begins, we encourage you to explore the issues and view our endorsed candidates at our Election 2020 page.