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Our members are our union. We can make change only when we act together, but with collective power, we all can win. Here are active campaigns for you to take action.

Current Action Campaigns

Two photos: one of Governor Abbott, one of Governor DeSantis. Text says, "One State Left Behind. Florida plans to end standardized testing. What is Texas waiting for?"

Cancel STAAR! Help Texas close the ‘achievement gap’ with Florida!

Florida Gov. DeSantis has announced the end of standardized testing in his state. Since Gov. Abbott so often follows DeSantis’ lead, we hope to celebrate this milestone in Texas very soon. Right, governor?

Send a letter to the governor encouraging to him #EndSTAAR permanently!

Photo is of a young student, wearing pigtails and a face mask. Text says, "Let our districts choose! Restore local control over COVID-19!"

Let our districts choose! Restore local authority over COVID-19 safety!

Gov. Abbott has denied local governments and school districts the ability to keep their communities safe with his refusal to allow mask mandates for schools. This pandemic isn’t over, and our local officials need control over safety.

Send a letter to the governor and TEA today!