Wherever decisions are made about us, they cannot be made without us.  

Our members have told us that one of their biggest concerns is the lack of educator input into state-level policies like testing, school funding, licensure, and evaluation. And we have seen the results.  

Teachers and school staff must participate in every level of the democratic process so they can have a voice at every table — at the school board, at the state Capitol, in the halls of Congress, and at the ballot box.

May 4 Municipal Election

April 4

Voter registration deadline

April 22-30

Early voting period

May 4

Election Day

May 28 Primary Runoffs

April 29

Voter registration deadline

May 20-24

Early voting period

May 28

Election Day

Texas AFT COPE Endorsements

All endorsements have been recommended by our Texas AFT Committee on Political Education (COPE) and approved by our state federation’s executive council. The following represent Texas AFT COPE’s first round of endorsements for the March 5 primary election. You can expect this page to update with subsequent endorsements as we get closer to the November general election.

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Our Endorsement Process

For a candidate or incumbent to earn Texas AFT’s COPE endorsement, they must demonstrate a solid understanding of and commitment to our members’ priorities, including:  

  • Fully funded public schools
  • Safe, sustainable working conditions
  • Wages that reflect the worth of their work
  • Rejection of privatization efforts, whether through vouchers or charters
  • An end to excessive standardized testing

In deciding on our union’s endorsements, Texas AFT COPE weighs several factors:   

  • Incumbent voting records on public education issues from the most recent legislative session and previous sessions  
  • Answers to our candidate questionnaire 
  • Perspectives from our labor siblings at the Texas AFL-CIO and regional labor councils  
  • Campaign contributions from individuals and PACs aligned with anti-public education or privatizer viewpoints 

Texas AFT COPE does not endorse in all races. Our primary focus is on the Texas Legislature, the State Board of Education, and other statewide offices. Sometimes we also endorse congressional candidates.  

AFT national endorses in the presidential election and has endorsed President Joe Biden for re-election, and our local unions may endorse candidates for their local school boards or other community offices.  

Who represents you?

Find your list of federal and state representatives and senators with this simple online tool. Either type in your street address or search by county.

Endorsements for U.S. Congress

Texas AFT is proud to endorse a slate of pro-public education candidates for U.S. Congress. Nationally, Congress sets several important policies that affect Texas educators including standardized testing requirements, education funding grants, and Social Security fairness, among many others. It is vital that Texas sends a pro-public education delegation to Washington, D.C.

U.S. Senate

  • Rep. Colin Allred

U.S. House

  • Rep. Lizzie Fletcher, D-CD 7
  • Rep. Al Green, D-CD 9
  • Michelle Vallejo, D-CD 15
  • Rep. Veronica Escobar, D-CD 16
  • Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-CD 18
  • Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-CD 20
  • Rep. Sylvia Garcia, D-CD 29
  • Rep. Jasmine Crockett, D-CD 30
  • Julie Johnson, D-CD 32
  • Rep. Marc Veasey, D-CD 33
  • Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, D-CD 34
  • Rep. Greg Casar, D-CD 35
  • Lloyd Doggett, D-CD 37

Your children’s teachers, bus drivers, school nurses, adjunct professors, librarians, and more have generously put their checkbooks to work, trying to elect real public education allies to office. Texas AFT COPE takes our job as a steward of those dollars seriously, and we only endorse candidates and incumbents who share a similar commitment. 

Endorsements for Texas Legislature

The Texas Legislature controls school funding formulas, curriculum requirements, and class size limits, among a variety of other issues. It is vital that we make sure candidates who support public education are elected to both chambers of the Legislature.

Texas Senate

  • Sen. Carol Alvarado, D-SD 6
  • Sen. Sarah Eckhardt, D-SD 14
  • Rep. Jarvis Johnson, D-SD 15
  • Sen. Nathan Johnson, D-SD 16
  • Sen. Royce West, D-SD 23
  • Sen. Morgan LaMantia, D-SD 27
  • Sen. César Blanco, D-SD 29

Texas House

  • Rep. Christian Manuel, D-HD 22
  • Rep. Ron Reynolds, D-HD 27
  • Solomon Ortiz, D-HD 34
  • Ruben Cortez, D-HD 37
  • Rep. Erin Gamez, D-HD 38
  • Rep. Mando Martinez, D-HD 39
  • Rep. Terry Canales, D-HD 40
  • Rep. R.D. “Bobby” Guerra, D-HD 41
  • Rep. Erin Zwiener, D-HD 45
  • Rep. Sheryl Cole, D-HD 46
  • Rep. Vikki Goodwin, D-HD 47
  • Rep. Donna Howard, D-HD 48
  • Rep. Gina Hinojosa, D-HD 49
  • Rep. James Talarico, D-HD 50
  • Rep. Lulu Flores, D-HD 51
  • Jennie Birkholz, D-HD 52
  • Michelle Beckley, D-HD 63
  • Rep. Mihaela Plesa, D-HD 70
  • Rep. Eddie Morales, D-HD 74
  • Rep. Mary E. Gonzalez, D-HD 75
  • Rep. Suleman Lalani, D-HD 76
  • Rep. Joe Moody, D-HD 78
  • Rep. Claudia Ordaz, D-HD 79
  • Rep. Ramon Romero Jr., D-HD 90
  • Rep. Salman Bhojani, D-HD 92
  • Rep. Nicole Collier, D-HD 95
  • Rep. Venton Jones, D-HD 100
  • Rep. Chris Turner, D-HD 101
  • Rep. Ana-Maria Ramos, D-HD 102
  • Rep. Rafael Anchía, D-HD 103
  • Rep. Jessica Gonzalez, D-HD 104
  • Rep. Thresa “Terry” Meza, D-HD 105
  • Linda Garcia, D-HD 107
  • Elizabeth Ginsberg, D-HD 108
  • Aicha Davis, D-HD 109
  • Rep. Toni Rose, D-HD 110
  • Rep. Yvonne Davis, D-HD 111
  • Averie Bishop, D-HD 112
  • Rep. Rhetta A. Bowers, D-HD 113
  • Rep. John Bryant, HD 114
  • Cass Hernandez, D-HD 115
  • Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, D-HD 116
  • Rep. Philip Cortez, D-HD 117
  • Kristian Carranza, D-HD 118
  • Laurel Jordan Swift, D-HD 121
  • Rep. Diego Bernal, D-HD 123
  • Rep. Josey Garcia, D-HD 124
  • Rep. Ray Lopez, D-HD 125
  • Rep. Alma Allen, D-HD 131
  • Rep. Ann Johnson, D-HD 134
  • Rep. Jon E. Rosenthal, D-HD 135
  • Rep. John H. Bucy III, D-HD 136
  • Rep. Gene Wu, D-HD 137
  • Stephanie Morales, D-HD 138
  • Charlene Ward Johnson, D-HD 139
  • Rep. Armando L. Walle, D-HD 140
  • Rep. Senfronia Thompson, D-HD 141
  • Danny Norris, D-HD 142
  • Rep. Ana Hernandez, D-HD 143
  • Rep. Mary Ann Perez, D-HD 144
  • Rep. Christina Morales, D-HD 145
  • Lauren Simmons, D-HD 146
  • Rep. Jolanda Jones, D-HD 147
  • Rep. Penny Morales Shaw, D-HD 148
  • Rep. Hubert Vo, D-HD 149

The 88th Legislature has been a lost session for public education. Without significant educator engagement in the 2024 election cycle, the 89th Legislature could be its death knell. Texas AFT COPE endorsements represent our union’s respect for candidates and lawmakers who see this crisis for what it is.   

Endorsements for State Board of Education

From curriculum standards to educator certification assessments, the State Board of Education (SBOE) has a large effect on the day-to-day working conditions of educators. That’s why we need a board that understands the struggles of educators.

  • Gustavo Reveles, D-District 1
  • Marisa Perez-Diaz, D-District 3

Pol. adv. paid for by Texas AFT COPE

Texas AFT under state law is not allowed to use member dues money for political contributions to candidates. So voluntary contributions from members to the Committee on Political Education (COPE) are the only means to provide direct financial support to candidates.