House passes trimmed down HEROES Act, but pandemic aid bill faces a wall in the U.S. Senate


Months after U.S. Senate Republicans declared the original Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act or HEROES Act “dead on arrival” and “unrealistic” as soon as it was sent to the Senate from the House, the House Democrats have responded by narrowly passing a revised version of the HEROES Act.

The original HEROES Act would have provided $3.4 trillion in stimulus funds. The updated version cut proposed spending by $1.2 trillion dollars. The updated plan would send one-time $1,200 stimulus payments to taxpayers in a way similar to the CARES Act and would also restore the weekly additional $600 unemployment payments that have expired. The new plan also would provide a tremendous boon to public education funding nationwide as the legislation allotted $225 billion to be spent on education.

This bill would provide desperately needed resources to individuals and communities across the country. Despite the urgent need for the stimulus package and the huge compromises Democrats made compared to their first bill, Senate Republicans are still not likely to pass this new, watered-down version of the HEROES Act. Senate Republicans have made it clear that they care more about confirming a partisan Supreme Court Justice than they do about the struggles of working families.