If you need to report that you are not working because of coronavirus concerns or issues

Employees should follow the regular procedures for reporting an absence. They should explain why they do not feel safe in reporting under such conditions. If they have underlying medical conditions (for example, diabetes, asthma, heart disease, or a compromised immune system) or are over 60, putting them at higher risk for infection, they should ask their school districts if they need to provide medical documentation of any such conditions.

Employees should review their district’s leave provisions, which in almost all school districts may be found online through the district’s website, in school board Policy DEC (Legal) and (Local).

Employees should keep in mind that they may qualify for the use of FMLA leave. They should review the FMLA provisions in district policy, also at Policy DEC (Legal) and (Local).  This leave is available if the employee has a serious medical condition or if the employee’s family member has a serious medical condition. Thus, for example, if the employee is a care-giver for a parent or child whose own serious medical condition means that the employee’s reporting in person and being exposed to coronavirus may compromise the health of the parent or child, the employee may qualify for FMLA.