School Safety Week: Our unions are using their collective voices to call for safety on campuses

To kick off School Safety Week our unions across the state are staging a variety of events to send a direct message to our state and national officials that not enough is being done to keep our students and school employees safe on campuses during the pandemic.

The Houston Federation of Teachers (with Aldine AFT participating), Northeast Houston AFT, and Fort Bend AFT are holding Car Caravans as moving rallies to get the message out with honks and signs indicating the frustration and anger school employees feel about their return to on-campus instruction. Houston Federation of Teachers members will also drop off cards and signs with questions/concerns at the administration building. In the Rio Grande Valley, McAllen AFT will hold a Car Caravan and La Joya AFT is hosting a virtual event on safety for its members.

The Houston Federation of Teachers Caravan is making its last stop an early voting location, and all our unions will be encouraging members to vote early. “While we certainly are focused on making sure individual school districts make the right decisions for reopenings and safety protocols on our campuses, our key objections are directed at Gov. Greg Abbott, Attorney General Ken Paxton, and Education Commissioner Mike Morath,” said Zeph Capo, president of the Houston Federation of Teachers and Texas AFT. “Our current policies do not protect Texans. The only way you can protect yourselves and your family is to vote them and their friends out of office.” 

This coming Wednesday, October 21 from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., Texas AFT will host a School Safety Week Forum on Facebook Live with panelists speaking on what’s needed to make our campuses safer. (RSVP here to get reminders and updates.)​ Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more ways to speak out next week!

See all the ways you can participate in School Safety Week.