Texas AFT continues its campaign for local decisions on masks, air quality improvements, and increasing vaccinations

This is an unnerving time in Texas, where COVID-19 cases are up 134% in the past two weeks. Faced with an average of 12,000 new cases on average each day, our governor and state leaders are not responding, and they’re trying to hamstring local efforts to protect our communities

How you can help keep us all safe! Here are four ways:

1. Record a Video & Share Your Story

Educator and school employee voices MUST be heard in any discussion of school safety. We need to hear from you about why you continue to wear masks, why you decided to get vaccinated, and what you want state leaders to know. Follow this link on your phone or computer to record video responses to these three questions. 

2. Send a Letter to the Governor

Whether Gov. Abbott will listen or not, it’s important our elected officials hear from us on this issue and all others. Take 2 minutes to send an e-letter, urging the governor to restore local control to school districts to protect their communities—without fear of retribution.

3. Tweet Your Support

Elected officials and state leaders check Twitter constantly. You can tweet your support for masking and vaccines using this link.

4. Add a Frame to Your Facebook Profile

Visibility is solidarity. Show your commitment to masking on Facebook by adding a frame to your profile photo that says you are committed to masks, are masked and vaccinated, or are ready to fight for a safe back-to-school season.

Stay tuned for more resources to share, including our campaign to encourage vaccinations.