Let us know what makes you feel appreciated and be entered in drawing to win $450 gift card

Tuesday is Teacher Appreciation Day! 

A teacher with long brown hair reaches down with a red marker and discusses a paper with a young girl. A boy with glasses looks on.

Thanks to all our educators who work so hard each day to inspire and nurture our students. Texas AFT is here to support you, and we appreciate everything you do. Enjoy the day, and the week! 

That said, we also know that you can’t pay the bills on appreciation, and it is a remarkably difficult time to be an educator—especially in Texas. 

So we want to hear from you: What would make you feel truly appreciated? Submit your thoughts and a selfie through our quick form and you’ll be entered to win a $450 gift card. 

If that seems like an oddly specific amount, it is. $450 is the stated average that Texas teachers pay each year out of their own pockets to buy classroom supplies—a situation brought to you by Texas’ rank of 45th in the nation for per-student education funding. 

We’ll share the stories we get throughout the day on May 3 through our social media accounts, and we’ll be sending an anonymized summary to the TEA Teacher Vacancy Task Force, which sure seems like it could use some ideas on filling the 10,000 vacancies across the state

Share your thoughts and your photo by noon on May 1 to be entered into the drawing!