This Monday, Texas AFT Summer School Is In Session — and Respect Is on the Agenda

Text says, "Summer School is in session! Join us for the launch of our statewide campaign for Respect."

With a return to school approaching, districts across the state still have hundreds and hundreds of teaching vacancies to fill — not to mention shortages of staff in other crucial areas.

It’s no surprise. Our union has been sounding the alarm for months, since 66% of our members told us they were seriously considering leaving education. The state has underfunded our schools, the Legislature has heaped on unfunded mandates like Reading Academies, and 90% of school employees in Texas tell us they worry their campus could be the next to experience mass gun violence.

On Monday, Texas AFT will launch our statewide campaign for what teachers and staff deserve: respect.

We invite all members and allies to join us in Houston or on Zoom to talk about what true respect means, how we’re going to win it together, and what we’ll be fighting for in midterm elections and the 2023 legislative session.

Texas AFT Summer School:
Our Campaign for Respect

10 a.m.–noon CT
Monday, July 25
RSVP to attend in person or via Zoom

Can’t make it Monday? Join us for our first statewide Respect campaign call at 6 p.m. CT, Thursday, July 28. Register via Zoom!