The Truth About Texas Charter Schools

Text says "Protect Our Public Schools" with the word "our" underlind.

One of our union’s perennial priorities is stopping the expansion of Texas charter schools. They foster inequality, lack accountability, and gobble up $3.6 billion of funding each year that otherwise could go to our public education system.

Among our major priorities for the Texas Legislature’s upcoming 87th session is fighting privatization efforts, whether they’re the expansion of charter schools or new voucher schemes. Heading into a difficult budget cycle, Texas simply can’t afford to prop up a second school system — not when our neighborhood public schools need our support more than ever.

Let’s start with some facts about charter schools in Texas:

  • Every year, charter schools cost Texas taxpayers $3.6 billion, supporting a second, competing school system.
  • Unlike with public schools, recent charter school scandals have shown taxpayer money being used for CEO perks like luxury lounges and private jets — with little accountability.
  • Charter schools are often exempt from the same academic standards, health and safety rules, and civil rights requirements as our public schools.
  • Behind their vaunted success metrics is the dirty reality of charter schools: They cherry-pick the students they serve and leave our students with special needs out in the cold.

#ProtectPublicSchools Week

Before the legislative session, we want to shine a light on charter schools, why they’re such a threat, and what we can do to keep those who would profit from our children from hijacking public education.

So we’re declaring Dec. 7-11 #ProtectPublicSchools Week and focusing attention on the issues with charter schools. All week, we’ll be sharing the truth about charters on social media, and we encourage you to follow and share.

Town Hall: Transparency in Texas Charter Schools

Promotion of town hall event. Text says "Transparency in Texas Charter Schools, 5 p-m, Wednesday, December 9 on the Texas A-F-T Facebook page." Expected panelists are Representative Terry Canales from House District 40, Representative Mary Gonzalez from House District 75, and Representative Vikki Goodwin from House District 47."

For #ProtectPublicSchools Week, we’re hosting a town hall to talk about potential legislative solutions to hold charter schools accountable.

Join us for a discussion with state lawmakers who are filing bills about charter schools for the 87th session of the Texas Legislature.

Transparency in Texas Charter Schools

5 p.m., Wednesday, Dec. 9


How You Can Help

We know the power of speaking and acting together. Will you show your solidarity on social media? All week, we’ll be sharing messages about charter schools on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We encourage you to share those messages or add your own with the #ProtectPublicSchools hashtag.

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