Important tips for avoiding rejection of your application to vote by mail

Blue Banner with ghosted Texas map giving same tips in text on including both ID and SSN and good contact info

The recently enacted SB 1 changed the vote-by-mail procedure, and we want Texas AFT members to be fully aware of how to request a ballot by mail.

First, if you want the official state mail ballot application, you can find it here. Second, when filling out your application, remember to put which party ballot you need in the primary AND the runoff (2 separate boxes), or it will get rejected.  Third, add your driver’s license/state ID number AND the last four digits of your Social Security number to your mail ballot application. 

Putting accurate contact information is the most important part of your application—especially your phone number and email. If your ballot application is rejected, state election authorities can call you or email you. If they cannot reach you by phone or email, your mail ballot application will be rejected. Lastly, you, the voter, must complete the mail ballot application and mail it in. You cannot request a ballot for someone else, even if they are legally disabled.  

Call this voter protection hotline to ask questions about voter registration or mail ballots: 844-TX-VOTES (844-898-6837).