Socorro AFT Members Take Action In Support of Upcoming Elections

Socorro A-F-T members and allies pose for a photo outside a building. Everyone is wearing face masks and some are holding signs for endorsed school board candidates.

Fighting for employee raises, ensuring the cost of health insurance doesn’t increase, advocating for remote learning waivers — between these issues and others, we know the importance and the need to elect pro-public education, community-driven allies to our local school boards. With the challenges of the last year brought on by the pandemic, electing those allies is now more important than ever before.

That’s why on the last Saturday in March, Socorro AFT in El Paso held its first school board election block walk, phone bank, and educator-to-voter card-writing session.

With social distancing and safety precautions in place, the event was the first in-person action to be held in some time. The six-hour event was energetic, as members worked to build power for pro-public education incumbents in the upcoming Socorro ISD school board election.

The event featured speeches from all four candidates up for re-election: Cindy Najera (District 2), Anjelica Rodriguez (District 3), Paul Guerra (District 4), and Gary Gandara (District 5).

“In a tough year for educators and students, the Socorro ISD school board stepped up and made the grade,” said Veronica Hernandez, Socorro AFT president. “They supported raises for employees and $1,000 stipends and continued remote learning to keep educators and students safe. Cindy Najera, Angelica Rodriguez, Paul Guerra, and Gary Gandara deserve re-election.”

With more than 50 people in attendance between members, their families, friends, and staff, everyone enjoyed the opportunity to be together in person again — even if it was through face masks. Many had not seen others in person for a long time.

Over the course of the day, members knocked on more than 1,000 doors, called 1,467 people, and wrote 600 educator-to-voter cards.

Given the success of this event, Socorro AFT decided to continue these Saturday organizing events throughout April leading up to the election.

Early voting for both the El Paso ISD and Socorro ISD school boards begins Monday, April 19, and ends Tuesday, April 27. Election Day is May 1. To find your ballot and more information, visit the website for the El Paso County Elections Department.

Want to help us elect educator allies to school boards in the El Paso area? Join us as a political volunteer to make phone calls, send texts, or drop literature to eligible voters.

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