Legislative session kicks off next week with Biennial Revenue Estimate

The 87th session of the Texas Legislature kicks off Tuesday and runs through May 31. Remember, the Legislature passes laws that directly affect your work and compensation as educators, so we’ll need your help and we will keep you informed of our work at the Capitol to ensure we knock down the bad ideas and promote the good ones.

Most of the legislative work will be procedural for several weeks, but one cornerstone for how the session will run—the Biennial Revenue Estimate—will be released by the state comptroller Monday. That estimate will inform how much money is available for the state’s two-year budget. The comptroller previously estimated that the state would be $4.6 billion in the hole with revenue significantly down because of the pandemic. However, federal aid from the stimulus package passed in December, along with possible future federal funding puts an unknown in the budget picture—one that could significantly add to the prospect of continuing our investment in public education and other essential services.

While our work at Texas AFT continues to center on safety in the pandemic, we urge you to read our Legislative Agenda to look at what we will be fighting for this session.