Texas AFT Joins with 100+ Orgs to Condemn Attacks on LGBTQIA+ Texans

Texas AFT has signed on to an open letter from more than 100 organizations, defending the rights of LGBTQIA+ Texans, once again under assault by the Texas Legislature.

“Today, certain politicians are pushing laws that restrict our freedoms because of the color of our skin, what’s in our wallets, or because we are LGBTQIA+,” the letter states. “They exploit divisions and fears among us so they can get and hold onto power, denying us the basic rights, resources, respect, and safety all people deserve.” 

Picking up where it left off in 2021, the 88th Legislature has introduced a number of new bills attacking LGBTQIA+ Texans, both adults and children, including bills that would ban Pride celebrations on campus (HB 1507) and censor books that uplift LGBTQIA+ experiences (HB 900).

The Texas Senate even laced its voucher bill, SB 8, with hateful “Don’t Say Gay” censorship language. 

As the letter states, “We envision a state where LGBTQIA+ Texans can visibly live, work, contribute to our communities, and access crucial resources that allow them to thrive.”

Texas AFT is committed to ensuring that Texas public schools are safe spaces that help all students thrive  — today, tomorrow, and forever.

Saturday, April 15: Queer March on the Capitol 

The attacks on LGBTQIA+ Texans at the Legislature are escalating, so Equality Texas and allies plan to meet that escalation with action. Join a diverse coalition Saturday, April 15, starting at noon, for the Queer Capitol March. Sign up to march online. 

The event will start on the Capitol mall, and folks will assemble at MLK and Congress Avenue (basically the Bullock museum) and will march to the Texas Capitol. Once at the Capitol, allies will be set up with a resource fair highlighting various organizations doing work to empower and uplift LGBTQIA+ Texans.