Online Action: Tweet Your Legislators

Screenshot of a draft tweet that reads, "We need to keep our local school boards democratically elected. Stop the state takeovers of Hashtag T-X Ed I-S-D's. Oppose Hashtag H-B 3270." Tweet tags the Texas A-F-T account, as well as Representative Cole Hefner (as an example.)

Tweeting is an effective way to get a short message to your lawmakers. If you’re a Twitter user, the links below will provide a draft tweet for you to send on several priority bills. Your job is to add any additional content you want and tag your legislator so they have a chance to see your tweet.

Most (but not all) legislators have active Twitter accounts. To find out who represents you, fill out this form. To find your representative or senator’s Twitter handle, use the search box on Twitter with their name, or use any search engine with a search like this: “Rep. Cole Hefner Twitter.” Also make sure to always include the hashtag “#TxLege” and our handle, @TexasAFT.

Current Campaigns

School district takeovers by the state (Say no to HB 3270, SB 1365)