Coalition urges halt to charter-school expansion after reviewing incomplete, inadequate, and faulty applications for new campuses

Texas AFT joined a coalition of 18 education groups urging Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath to “deny or significantly limit approval of all charter-operator expansion amendments in 2020 in consideration of the additional costs to the state that would result from an increase in charter enrollment.”

The coalition’s letter to Morath comes after a review of applications for amendments—which on approval from the TEA allow charter-school operators to add new campuses—that showed significantly flawed applications and detrimental impacts to the state budget and students. The letter offers a detailed look at:

  • Expansion amendments to increase maximum student enrollment by 77,080 students that would, at full enrollment, be an additional cost to the state of approximately $90 million.
  • Special education students are being underserved or not being provided adequate services by these charter applicants.
  • Charter schools are proposed in areas of close proximity to existing neighborhood schools with no proof for the need of these campuses or records of outreach to the community.

Read the full letter here.