TEA Provides Update to Reading Academies Implementation

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On Thursday, TEA announced several important updates to the HB 3 reading academies in an attempt to streamline their implementation and completion. First, teachers with advanced understanding of the science of reading instruction may avoid having to complete a full 12-module academy through a new demonstrated proficiency option. Educators who have earned the STR certification will be able to complete a shorter version of the reading academies. Mathematics teachers who have passed the STR exam may request a waiver for Texas reading academies. And participants with extenuating circumstances will continue to have additional time to complete academies. 

TEA also claims that content has been streamlined to ensure actual seat time reflects projected seat time. Teachers can work with their district or provider to determine if any of these options will help them complete these onerous requirements. Please keep Texas AFT updated on the effectiveness of these changes. Email us at info@texasaft.org.