Add Your Voice to the Call for a Balanced Approach to a Balanced Budget

With projected public school layoffs of 100,000, your job or the job of someone you know is on the line…and so is the future of Texas. Call your Texas House representative now to urge a balanced approach to balancing the state budget.

Our future and our children depend on a growing economy fueled by an educated workforce. Yet the state budget would cut some $10 billion from public education, wiping out pre-K for 64,000 students and leading to dramatically larger class sizes, school closures and layoffs of up to 100,000 school employees.

Click here to call your state representative and tell them to take a balanced approach to balancing the state budget by:

  • Using the $9.4 billion Rainy Day Fund meant to meet service needs in tough economic times.
  • Maximizing federal assistance, such as the Education Jobs Act money–$830 million for retaining teachers—that is earmarked for Texas by the U.S. Congress.
  • Closing unproductive tax loopholes, exploring new revenue sources, funding schools equitably and fixing the structural deficit that leaves our state billions of dollars short each year.

After you call, please also sign our petition calling for a balanced approach to balancing the state budget!  And join us on Facebook!