AFT Seeks Data on Emergency Administration of Medications in Schools

A recent state court ruling in California made it legal there for “trained school support staff” to administer insulin to students without the supervision of a nurse. Texas law since 2005 has authorized non-medical school personnel to serve as “unlicensed diabetes care assistants” under the supervision of their principal.

AFT knows that medication administration is a task that paraprofessionals and school related personnel (PSRPs) all around the country face daily, and AFT would like to hear from members about their experiences with administering medications, especially emergency medications such as insulin, EpiPens, and Diastat, among others.  AFT has created this survey to get feedback on the processes of administering medications in schools.

Please help AFT by sharing your experiences with emergency administration of medications at school. The survey link again is:

In addition, if you would like to know your rights under Texas law, including your right to refuse to serve as an unlicensed diabetes care assistant without suffering any penalty or disciplinary action for that decision, see: