AFT’s Share My Lesson Web Site—Texas Teachers Find “a Free Treasure Chest for Teachers”

The new AFT “Share My Lesson” Web site ( is rapidly becoming the talk of Texas, as teachers looking ahead to the new school year explore all the ways they can take advantage of this massive new resource bank on the Internet.

With the arrival of Share My Lesson, a Web site with free classroom-teacher resources is now available to every teacher across the country. Already available are more than 229,000 individual resources created by teachers, for teachers, incorporating best practices, strategies reflecting the latest research on brain development, ready-to-use graphic organizers, multi-media tools, appropriate technology, scaffolded activities for differentiated instruction, and much, much more.

Here’s what teacher Wanda Longoria, a local AFT leader who serves as a reading coordinator in Northside ISD in San Antonio, has to say after checking out the Share My Lesson offerings:  “As a 30-year veteran teacher, I find this Web site an exciting, creative and powerful way to streamline our work, to decrease individual planning time, and to enable teachers and schools to bring depth and complexity to curriculum in a simple and effective way. Planning and teaching become smarter, not harder.”

Longoria notes that the Web site allows any teacher to upload original lesson plans, strategies, and activities for free, making it easy to collaborate and plan with teachers across schools, districts, and communities.  “This Web site provides simple ways to organize, save, and file any lessons for your particular needs,” she adds.

Middle-school math teacher Pavlon Everett from our Alliance-AFT affiliate in Dallas ISD also gives the Share My Lesson site high marks. On this site, says Everett, “excellence is being shared across the country” as “teachers get successful lessons that have been used by other teachers.” The lessons are rated, Everett adds, and the site “has a good evaluation tool to let teachers see what other teachers feel about the lessons.”

Another Alliance-AFT member, second-grade teacher Raymund Saunders, sums up the Texas classroom-teacher reaction to Share My Lesson in one sentence:  “Share My Lesson is like a free treasure chest for teachers.”

Take some advice from these Texas AFT colleagues:  Log on to and see for yourself!